Day in the Life: VCE

7.30: still sleeping because I was finishing my notes at 1am last night

7.50: drags self out of bed, gets dressed, makes lunch.

8.30: in the car waiting for my brother to hurry up.

8.33: finally leave and I drive to school on probably the most inappropriate tire air pressure…

8.55: arrives at school and stuffs life ie my 15kg bag into locker.

9.05: English Class: today we’re talking about the essay we sat yesterday in our free period, and talking about what we did do and we should’ve done.

10.15: Australian History: probably my most boring subject purely because answering comprehension questions does not help me learn about history. I need discussion. On the bright side; our homework is interesting because we have to present an argument about why Europeans were either settling in Australia or invading Australia. :

11.27: recess: food finally yay!! Mentally preparing for the Literature SAC next period.

11.50: Literature: Today I have the first half of my Transformations and Adaptations SAC; which I didn’t get as much on paper as I expected it to. So I better hurry up tomorrow 😐

13.00: Lunch: Sat in the study room and finished some History cue cards and bitched about the difficulty of methods (i dont even do it anymore!!!!!!!) Also had a lovely Iced-Coffee (perks of being in Year 12)

13.50 Indonesian: Best class of the day because a) my teacher is a legend and b) my class is fabulous. Today at least my teacher is in a meeting do our Indo assistant, Iqbal talks us through grammar of the ter- prefix. Which is interesting because even he is confused. We then do our daily listening; which was pretty good and then we have to do the grammar exercise.

15.00 end of classes. Well I say end, but I have after school classes on thursday. So today some me and another Indo student stay back and work on embedding grammar into paragraphs by writing a story from a stimulus. Anyway the stimulus is a super hero fighting and a villain so I, very originally call the superhero Pak Asyik and the villain Raksasa Jahat and my main character gets eaten by a lion while Pak Asyik is saving the rest of the city. Anyway its a bit of a laugh but it all helps, as I am pretty bad at putting grammar into my sentences.

16.15 today I also have a driving lesson, yeah I know busy. So that’s good I have another hour on my L’s and more experience in the suburbs.

17.50 home finally. Chill for a little bit.

18.30 timed English essay for tomorrow.

19.30 dinner

20.00 Shower

20.30 Finish History cue cards and notes.

22.30 Bed time- finally.




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